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For losing 3.5 pounds–GREAT JOB!!

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  1. 4/14 944p (210.5)I played hookie today and slept. Didn’t have anything to eat until 4pm because I wanted to get some blood tests out of the way. I went to Olive Garden and treated myself to the soup and salad – didn’t eat a whole lot but was full when I left. The waiter brought be two mints with the check and I almost ate them automatically but remembered in time and brought them home for the weekend. I had a quesadia for dinner with some applesauce. Just finished eating that and am stuffed. I didn’t exercise, so I owe $5 but I feel I did pretty well. My goal for the week is to go to Curves every day.

  2. Ok, I’m having a little trouble here. First off, i don’t have a clue of what to have for breakfast. I always wake up (or should I say get up) 15 min before I have to leave for work which gives me enough time to dress and find my keys. I’m definately a snaker so after I’ve been at work for a few hours I start to want something to eat. Today I decided my breakfast would be two granola (oatmeal and raisin) bars and a banana. I didn’t go to curves except as part of my 45 min walk and for lunch I had two more granola bars and 1/2 a banana. I then had an episode of low sugar so I dug into my graham crackers and thought i’d go ahead and call that dinner but in truth it ended up as a snack so I owe $5 more – the question I have is what am I suppose to do when I have a low blood sugar problem. Sometimes it can be pretty scarey and if I don’t take care of it right away it is very exhausing. Do you think I could be allowed to keep some fruit handy in case I need it – it would otherwise be part of my lunch I just would save a little in case… Let me know your feelings on this. Also if any of you have any ideas on good, quick breakfast and lunch ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. Breakfast–yogurt, fruit, oatmeal (the little instant packages), bagle w/cream cheese, cottage cheese w/pineapple, eggs, bacon, sausage–the diet says no sweets (donuts, candy, cake, cookies), no seconds (first helping of dinner and then no more), and no snacking (all that little stuff between the three course meals). I think if you ate 5 mini meals instead of three bigger meals, you may be able to keep your blood sugar in check. Also, I don’t think eating a piece of fruit should be considered snacking. Hang in there. Once we get through the first week the others will be easy. The most important thing to cut out is the sweets.

  4. Hey, I’m having fun. It’s nice to have daily contact with you all. Today I did very well. Had raisin bran for breakfast (while stuck in traffic). A banana for lunch and worked out at curves. For dinner I’m putting all kinds of things in front of me and when I’m done, I’m done but I want to make sure I’m really done! It sound like gum is ok – it has to be sugarless doesn’t it? Keep up the good work – I’m glad we’re in this together – it makes it so much easier to be accountable to others. I love you!

  5. I had a hard time getting on the site today – kept coming up as unavailable but got thru now (obviously). Today I did pretty well. Got 1/2 hour of fast walking in at lunch. Found out that if I put a slim fast in the freezer right before my walk, it is so cold that it takes me about an hour to drink it and then it’s almost time to go home. My weakest time is when I get home. I tend to put a lot of food in front of me so I won’t run out and want seconds. Kind of defeats the purpose but when I have to pay out the bucks for not losing more than you all then maybe I’ll start being a good girl. I definately am doing better at work. I’ve started working on scanning the pictures into the computer which helps keep my mind off food at home so maybe that will help. I go out with Grandpa tomorrow so I’ll probably be pretty good but we’ll see what the weekend brings. Have we figured out whether chewing gum is snacking?

  6. I did pretty well today. Ate breakfast in the car before work, worked out at curves, had a pb$j sandwich and slim fast for lunch then went out w/grandpa for chinese food. Took a lot of food cuz I knew I couldn’t have seconds and I feel like I didn’t eat as much as I normally do. At curves I was down 2#s from 2 days ago so that was kind of nice. We’ll see how I do over the weekend – Good luck to everyone!

  7. Good job of keeping up going to Curves. I think that you should try to limit what you put on the plate for dinner. If you pile it up, isn’t that the same as getting seconds. It’s like Christy putting 4 pieces of pizza on her plate and saying she did a good job because she didn’t get seconds.

    I’ve been trying to eat half servings when we go out and eating packaged lean meals in.

    But then you seem to be doing a better job than me at dropping the weight. Keep it up:)

  8. I was over at grandpa’s yesterday so didn’t have access to a computer which is why I didn’t blog. Today I worked a lot in grandpa’s yard pulling weeks – does that count as exercising? if not I owe $5 – I did work up quite a sweat. I am looking forward to getting my teeth done – more than just looking forward to it I’m downright excited! Now I just need to get the rest of my life in order and I’ll be ready to live! I didn’t do too bad yesterday as far as eating goes. Today grandpa and I went out for breakfast and then didn’t have anything else until we watched a movie and had some ice cream. I don’t know what I’m going to have for dinner – if anything because I had some hohos on my drive back home. I think I’ll be doing pretty well this next week though.

  9. OK everyone, Melissa is kicking our butts here. She’s conditioned to do the workouts where we have been so lazy living with our bad habbits. I am ready to get serious. I didn’t lose any weight – bummer – but I didn’t have trouble being a good girl today. I had a banana for breakfast, a banana and slim fast for lunch and for dinner, a cheese quesadia and four pieces of toast. OK, I could have done without the toast but I’m working on it. I still am jazzed about getting braces although I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done first. My goal for this week is to at least make an appointment to see the dentist, wake up at least a half hour earlier every morning and start on a slim fast diet. I plan on have a healthy breakfast then 5 slim fast throughout the day. This is if that is ok with you. I’ll check this blog in the morning and if there are no objections I would like to start this right away and continue it for the rest of the week. I plan on being a real loser this week! Hang in there everyone – we can do it!

  10. I’ve done half way decently this week. Yesterday I went to see an orthodontist and was disappointed to find out that I am not a good candidate for braces. I saw my dentist afterwards and he told me that the guy is very conservative and to get a second opinion so I have an appt for next tues to see someone else. I had some time before I had to be at work to I went to Target and wandered the cooky and candy isle but ended up buying oatmeal raisin bars instead. I was good all day and even took grizzley for a walk in the hills but came home and ate sweets – bummer. I owe $5 for yesterday’s sweets and $5 for not exercising today. I really need your feedback because when no one responded to my request to have 5 slim fast a day, I felt like no one cared and almost give said to hell with it. I went home early on Tues because my tooth hurt so badly I had to go to the dentist then the disappointment yesterday. today I was going to walk during lunch but the cassette player I brought to listen to didn’t work so I said screw it and went back inside and read a newspaper. I only had a slim fast and pear for lunch but it would have been better if I had walked anyway. I’m weak when it comes to bouncing back after something bad happening. Well it sounds like Christy and Melissa are doing really well, I’ve put out a proposition that hopefully will make things a little easier for scott so please let him know your opinion – thanks – I love you all muchly

  11. Too bad about the braces 🙁 Hopefully you’ll have better news next week. In regards to the slimfast- I looked then up and they each have 220 calories. So if you drink 5 a day, you’ll be taking in 1100 in addition to any food that you eat. If you keep that in mind and are conservative in your food intake, it should be okay. Just because something is a healthier choice doesn’t mean that it has less calories. I suggest looking at the caloric value of all the foods you eat. It might surprise you, but will keep you in line.

    I think that healthy snacks should be allowed- again I think it’s more important to check the overall caloric input in a day than to limit your meals. I’m trying to stay less than 1200. I figure if I burn around 3000 (that’s what the BodyBugg is for- it counts how many calories I burn), I should be on track to lose 1/2 pound every day.

  12. Keeping track of your calories is a quick way to get an idea about how much you eat. I am amazed that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is over 400 calories. If I add some baked lays to that my lunch is now about 560. If I am trying to keep to a target of 1300 I don’t have much further to go. If you don’t want to count calories, count points. Stick to the no UNHEALTHY snacks, seconds, and sweets, just eat around 24 points a day, and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day and you will see a weight loss. It is the seconds and sweets that kill us (not to mention the limited exercise). If snacks are a real problem, eat five mini meals each day. That should keep you from getting hungry.

  13. Today I did fine. Had a slim fast (190 calories – 3 points) and a oatmeal raisin bars (90 cal) for breakfast. I walked during my lunch break and had another o/r bar. Went out to dinner with grandpa for chinese food and didn’t take as much as last time. Felt very satisfied with how I did.
    I feel pretty strong for tomorrow, I probably won’t be perfect but I don’t think I’ll do as bad as last weekend.

  14. Well, I guess I’m the only one blogging for the 26th. I did pretty well today, kept very busy but didn’t exercise so I owe $5 for that. I did get a lot accomplished so I feel pretty good – Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  15. well, I’m blogging today just in case I can’t sometime during the week. I’m glad today was an S day because while I didn’t blow it too bad, I did make some peanut butter cookies – well at least the dough and had some. I’m going to freeze it so I won’t be tempted to get into it tomorrow. I do owe $5 for not exercising. That’s my weakness because I don’t even go out of the house on the weekend unless it’s to help grandpa. Hope ya’ll haven’t quit on me – We weigh in tomorrow.

  16. I weighed in today at 207 so I’ve lost 3.5 pounds this week since last week I didn’t lose anything. I had 3 slim fasts today, 4 oatmeal raisin bars – this took me through the day but when I got home I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m a little dissapointed in that but all in all that’s not as bad as the past. I walked during lunch but should have worked out at curves – I just got lazy. Oh well, I’ll try to do better tomorrow – I’m out of here – love you – mom

  17. Good job Mom! Keep up the good work. K I want back in. I had a pretty depressing week and needed my comfort foods. Now I feel fatter and even more out of shape. I can’t let you guys kick my ass. So I’m back in on the condition that my only extra penalty in another $25.

  18. I’ve been doing pretty well when it comes to eating but my exercising sucks – sorry but I couldn’t think of another word. For some reason, I just haven’t been able to do anything but walk and today I didn’t even do that – $5. I was so tired at work that for lunch I went out and took a nap in the car – I actually fell asleep – it felt so good. I’m going to go to bed right now cuz I think I’ve been staying up too long. Latest notice on the braces – the ortho that I saw tues said that he didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t get braces but that I should see someone with a private practice becausse the ones that belong to the big practices ususally only focus on no brainers. So I think I’m going to look for someone either closer to work or in Upland since that is where I’ll be moving closer to next year. i’ll keep you informed but I’m hoping to get things going before the reunion – we’ll see. i love you all very muchly and am so proud of you – Mom

  19. You used to get mad at me for saying sucks. Maybe stinks or bites or blows. Unfortunately, you have to work yourself up to work out- get in shape to get in shape. Once you get in the habit, you’ll find that you have more energy and that it won’t be so hard. The hard part is forcing yourself at the beginning.

  20. Well, I need to get a new stratigy. I do pretty well at work but then on the way home I usually stop by to get something for dinner, yesterday a subway sandwich, today chinese food – the bad thing is that it almost always makes me sick but I still want it. I don’t know how to break out of this cycle – HELP I didn’t exercise again today – $5

  21. Mom, why aren’t you exercising???? You cannot lose weight by not burning calories. If you are not going to exercise then you cannot eat fast food. You should think of a reward for working out. Don’t you have something at home to work on. Also, I think we should ban fast food on Mon-Friday. It really isn’t healthy. Come on Mom, you can do it.

  22. I did a lot of yard work over at Grandpa’s house. Worked up a sweat and am sore today – can I count that as exercise? Today was a fun day. Gpa played in the bell choir at church so Cindy’s family, Jim and I went to hear. Afterwards we went to El Centro Basco. The family has been going there for over 50 years. You’ll never believe what we had, started out with soup, salad and bread – then they bring out stew – then steak and fries. We also ordered tongue because that is kind of a tradition and Gpa was looking forward to it. I’ve never tried it before but I did today. The taste isn’t very strong but I didn’t care for the texure. The food at this place is really good – they kind of sneak in weird food once in a while – Some people from church went there last sunday and were served blood sausage which was pretty gross. Today everything was pretty tame until I was getting seconds on the stew and moved a piece to see if it had any meat on it and found myself staring into the face of a rabbit with it’s teeth and all – I couldn’t eat anymore stew after that. So not only did I try tongue, I had rabbit for the first time in my life. I’m getting braver in my old age! Well, hope you all had a great weekend – see you Sac folks next weekend – I love you muchly, Mom

  23. Walked today, no snacks, no sweets but didn’t do as well as I should have. I’ll try harder tomorrow – See ya

  24. did curves yesterday but also went out to eat w/gpa – didn’t do too poorly though. Today I walked during lunch and since I didn’t know what to get for dinner, I brought home spaghetti. Have only eaten the salad and am pretty full. I still can’t get in the swing of things –

  25. mom what is going on???? You were on fire! We only have 7 weeks left until the reunion. We all want to show up looking good, remember? The whole point of doing this was to inspire each other to lose weight. You can do it!!! You have got to change your habits. Change is not going to happen over night. Pay more attention to how many calories you take in. You said you had the stuff for weight watchers-are you following your points? Stay strong! You can go it if you want

    “It’s not that some have willpower and some don’t, it’s that some are ready to change and others are not.”

  26. I walked for lunch today and also when I got home so that was good. I don’t eat as poorly as I used to but I seem to get dependent on certain foods – that’s not good. I get motivated in small spirts but they don’t last for very long and that is discouraging. Well, I’m going to keep working at it. See you Saturday, I love you muchly, Mom

  27. How can you stay motivated??? Your spirits seemed higher when we started and now your heart is not in the game. The good thing is that you are not eating as poorly and you walked today. What foods are you dependent on? I actually started buying the frozen dinners (Weight Watchers Smartones and Lean Cuisine). The meals are filling enough and low in calories. Maybe you should look into that. I really like the chicken club paninni meal and the pepperoni pizza. Tonight I bought the flatbread meals to try them out. Don’t get so down on yourself. You are doing a good job. You need to make a vision board and visualize yourself healthier and happier. Did not realize you were coming up this weekend. Hang in there!!!

  28. Well, I did pretty good today. Woke up early and instead of going back to bed, I worked on the house and then took Grizzley for a walk before work. I also walked him after work so I feel good about that. I’m not eating sweets anymore but I do like my slim fast although I don’t usually drink more than 2. I wasn’t able to finish the Vince’s spaghetti but it sure was good. I still have some soup left which I might freeze for later. I don’t think I’m losing any weight but I feel like I am improving my eating habits – that’s a start at least.

  29. I had a very nice weekend up in sacramento but now I’m home and have to get back into the swing of things. I’m still pretty much into the same ol’thing. My eating is not that bad but I have a hard time exercising. I’ll use any excuse to get out of it. I really need to stop doing that. I walked yesterday but did not today. I’ve got to concentrate on the rest of the week.

  30. Today I did fine in the eating department, walked the dog after work but still find myself not being very motivated. I get spurts but they blow over pretty easily. Today I actually put together my bike just to find out that some of the parts are wrong – lke the pedals so i can’t use it. I’m going to try to contact the company to see if I can order the correct parts. Oh well, at least I tried!

  31. Today wa pretty much the same as yesterday. Did ok but wish I were a bit more motivated. Walked the dog after work – now if I could just get up early enough to walk him before work that would be a step in the right direction. Hope you all are doing well

  32. I was semi-proud of myself today, I went out to eat with gpa and didn’t take as much. I got full and sat there while gpa finished eating. when he went for his seconds, I debated whether to have some more but decided 1) I was full and 2) I couldn’t eat enough to make it worth the $5 so I stayed put. On the down side, I didn’t exercise so I owe $5 for that.

  33. Good job for not going in for seconds. You need to do more exercise. What happened to Curves? I thought it was right next to work and you have an hour break. If you just cut down on your food, you would still lose weight. Also, you could do some exercises at your desk during your down time. I went to a class at work on Friday called sit and fit. I will photocopy the stuff and mail it to you. And remember, you don’t have to exercise for 30 minutes straight. You could do three 10 minute sessions. It is the same as working for 30 minutes. Maybe that is what you need to focus on. Hope you had a good day today. Keep focused.

  34. today was easy but I went to gpa’s to drop off his clothes. Of course we went out to eat and I ate too much. i also owe for dessert which I hardly ate any of. Oh well it was my choice. I think I’ll do a lot better tomorrow

  35. I’m doing great at work – just slim fast, ice tea and maybe some fruit. I got home and walked with grizzly and had a beef sandwich for dinner – not too bad – I actually feel pretty good. Setting some goals for myself for when I get home which keeps me occupied – helps.

  36. today is ditto of yesterday except I had some chicken enchiladas for dinner. Walked grizzley for exercise – he loves it – I tolerate it. Not much new going on – hope everyone is hanging in there

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