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For coming back into the game–time to kick some butt!!!!

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  1. Well today was a pretty rough day. I tried to get on the stupid blog site earlier, and, when I couldn’t, I almost claimed that I never officially entered the stupid contest and helped myself to some of mom’s hot fudge with a side of cookies and then washed it all down with a Pepsi. But I didn’t. I think I had three mini hard attacks while exercising, but I finished and am hoping that it will only get easier. As far as the eating, I realized that I pretty much just snack all day and only eat a full meal when it is out of the house. So I ate a couple chicken nuggets and tater tots for lunch and had a costco hot dog for dinner. I got an ice-tea with the hot dog, but didn’t drink it because I’m not exactly clear on the rules for sugar. My weight was a meager 261.2 — ouch. My goals for the week — other then the ones required of me:
    1) No eating from any restaurant chain that offers a drive through service (even if that particular location does not have a drive through).
    2) 3 days of 1 hour exercise
    3) 255

    Good luck everyone!

  2. Didn’t break any rules today, although it was close. I went to Walmart and got Joshua a happy meal and avoided buying myself a meal, but was tempted with Josh’s leftovers for the next hour. I had to force myself to work-out. I have to go to Modesto later tonight and was tempted to use that as an excuse to pony up the $5 for skipping, but I need to save up my money for Saturday’s junk food fest. So I did the ole elliptical for a half an hour. I had a rice bowl for lunch and rice and steak for dinner. I’m still struggling a little with breakfast, but I’ll find some healthy things to eat and eventually I’ll be super starved upon awakening and will get back into the habit of eating breakfast. Today’s difficulty would be about a 7.75 where yesterday was a 9.

  3. Scott, It’s rough isn’t it. You’re doing better than I am though – keep up the good work!

  4. Hang in there Scott. Only four more days until you can eat the bad stuff. Watch some of those motivational movies for help sticking to the plan. Drink lots of water and chew lots of gum. You predicted that you were going to lose 6 pounds so don’t disappoint.

  5. You were going to lose six pounds by when? next monday? Ha Ha, I’ve already lost that much! but keep it up, you may be able to catch up later.

  6. Long day. Ate cereal for breakfast, then we went to on the border for lunch. I ordered a burrito and it was huge. It was like 2 big burritos. I only ate a quarter of it and some chips. Usually I’ll order a soda when we eat out and get a couple refills, but it was only water today! We went to Discovery Park and walked around by the rivers so I got a half hour in there, but when I got home I did a half hour on the elliptical to make it one of my hour days. For dinner I had some Picadilio (the only Filipino dish I like) and rice. No snacking today although I was tempted a few times. Just to get things straight it’s ok to have a pb&j sandwich even though the j is pure sugar? Anyway time for bed, good luck everyone!

  7. Had to work in Modesto today, so I figured that I’d better excercise before I left because I would be dead tired when I got home. I didn’t excercise before 🙁 I was right I came home and just wanted to sleep. I forced myself to get on the elliptical even though Janice’s family is here and I don’t like excercising in front of them. I was just going to do an easy half hour, but after a couple minutes I started feeling better and started pushing myself harder. I had cereal for breakfast and got a foot long quizno’s sub for lunch. I ate half and ate the other half around 6:30 for dinner. No snacks, seconds, fast food, or soda. So far I’ve lost 5 lbs. I hate to weigh myself more than once a week, but I had to see some results in order to keep it up. Tomorrow I head to Tahoe for the weekend with the guys so it is going to be really hard for me to make it through, but I’ll try. I don’t want to blow it too bad on Sat Sun either.

  8. you butt!!! I knew you were going to lose a lot of weight the first week. Good job for exercising. I think you deserve the gold star this week.

  9. K so much for all my hard work. I’ve been eating like crap the past couple days and not excercising. Ouch. I owe $20 because on Fri I didn’t excercise and I snacked once I got to Tahoe. Didn’t exercise yesterday or today so thats $10 more. I think I ruined my 5 lb loss but don’t want to check until tomorrow.

  10. K — I’m half way dropping out. I don’t like the diet portion of this game. I like it better when I’m just modivated to work out a lot and try to lose weight that way. As it goes so far I blow the snacking rule and end up saying f it I blew it already I might as well not work out. So I owe 5 on Monday for not working out and 10 for both Tues and Wed so that brings my grand total to $50. I’m still game for the total percentage lost per week. Last week I only ended up losing 2 lbs after a hectic depressing loss in Tahoe.

  11. I hope you stay in Scott. You were doing a great job. You guys motivated me to work harder because I was worried that I would be the only nonloser at the reunion.

  12. If you want to drop out that would be too bad but it would cost you $900 which you would get maybe $250 back depending on how often the rest of us blow it. Thats assuming that you continue exercising. Personally I’m getting into the rhythm and plan on doing better from here on out. Maybe we should approach the others about the snacking issue – instead of no snacking it could be nothing salty or sweet but approved healthy food would be ok. It would be to the person’s benifit to continue to not snack but if you had to have something it would be better to have something healthy than to just give up. I’ll ask the others. Hang in there

  13. I think healthy snacks are ok. Or just have five small meals a day to curb hunger. I have found that cereal is very satisfying snack. Don’t drop out. Just find ways to make the contest work. I think the most important ones are the seconds and the sweets. If you tracked you calories you would be absolutly amazed at how fast they add up. is a great site to look up foods. They also have a pocket manual. I have mine in my car for when I am out and about. Stay focused.

  14. Come on Scott, get back in the picture. We all have our faults but thats why we started this in the first place. You’re lucky in that you’ve been able to see some big weight losses when you do stick to exercise and limited food intake – you could probably kick our butts with not too much effort. The hard part is getting psyched (phsyched,pysched, – oh heck) into it. Ususally the first 3 days are the worst then it gets easier. You can’t let me beat you at this as easily as I whooped you playing Gin! Lets hear from you! I love you muchly – mom

  15. K I want back in. I had a pretty depressing week and needed my comfort foods. Now I feel fatter and even more out of shape. I can’t let you guys kick my ass. So I’m back in on the condition that my only extra penalty is another $25. As far as the side bet goes I gained the two pounds back so I owe $5 for that. Let me know if I’m back.

  16. Did pretty good today. I had a rice bowl for lunch and then a salad from McDonalds for dinner. Went to 24 hour fitness after working in Modesto only to realize I fogot to pack my shorts. So I came home and worked on the eliptical for a half hour. Since I can’t afford to pay any more I guess I need to do the work 🙂

  17. I’m glad you’re back in the game! Just be prepared to pay me the big bucks cuz I’m going to whomp you! I love you muchly, mom

  18. Haha I just typed quite a bit but my post was rejected because it contained the word cas*ino. As in I worked at the cas*ino all night and didn’t get home until 2 a.m. Anyway I owe $20.

  19. Yesterday I didn’t binge too bad and I went to 24 hour and walked for an hour at a brisk pace. Today I didn’t cheat on the food and I went to the gym again. Half hour on the treadmill and half hour on the bike. 258 down 3 lbs. Next week I’ll be in the 240’s.

  20. Jesus Christ I accidently posted cas*ino again and my post was deleted. I went to the gym this morning after I dropped Joshua off and did a half an hour on the treadmill. I would have done more, but I thought I was going to go back tonight. I’m opening a cas%ino tomorrow so I need to be ready first thing in the morning so I skipped the gym. I ate veggies and an orange earlier then a PB&J for lunch and I started with chicken noodle for dinner, but that didn’t fill me up so I had a grilled cheese sandwich also.

  21. I had a pbj with some potato chips for lunch. Right after eating the chips I regretted it, but it was lunch not snacking 🙂 For dinner I had McDonalds, but I had a salad 260 cal and ranch dressing 130 cal (but I only ate half). I did the eliptical for a half an hour later. On Monday if I am more then 246 I quit.

  22. Did good most of the day yesterday, but then there was a b-day party for one of Janice’s nephews. I was starved most of the day and didn’t want to cheat, but I gave in at the end. So then I had to make it worth it and went to the store and bought a bag of cookies and ate half of it. I didn’t get home until this morning so I didn’t get to excersice either. It’s ok I’m back on today and I’ll be extra good on one of my weekend days to make up for it.

  23. Thought today was Sunday– ok I knew it wasn’t, but I had a three day weekend. I’ll start up again tomorrow.

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